Misty morning

If you are like me, and have been missing out on the magical mornings your entire life, go shake things up in your routine, and experience the morning magic. I say magic, because here is how the grass might look like when you go on a morning walk.

Something exclusive for the morning club: Misty Grass

Or you might encounter something like this:

The Rising Sun

These incredible sights are just the side benefit. I haven’t even begun to talk about the joy your soul feels. It short, it might just transform your life.

For years, I never woke up early despite hearing all the good things. I guess, I did not care (perhaps sleeping in was more charming to my younger and less mature self). The unfortunate thing about sleeping in is that you miss out on experiencing the world that wakes up in the morning. There is a whole event called nature waking up that unfolds between 6 a.m. –8 a.m. You never see it if you wake up at 10 (used to be my case). What changes between 6 and 10? The entire landscape. Surroundings go from being incredible to okay.

So try it out! Don’t wait or be lazy. You can do this!

Remember, the key to waking up is “going to bed early”, and the key to going to bed early is “eating early”.

Nature calling

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